Sunday, September 23, 2012

Now that we've been living in LA for 3 weeks...

Here is what we've been up to.

First of all, a long, grueling day of moving. We are glad that is over, and that we are settled in our new apartment. We really love it and need to take/post pictures soon. Other adventures --

We went to the Santa Monica Promenade and window-shopped. We also got Pinkberry, which is one of THE perks of living in Southern California.

Another perk of living in SoCal is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. No, I do not actually partake of coffee beans or tea leaves, but they also have really really amazing herbal tea and blended drinks. And pumpkin is back in season. We have one within walking distance of our house, but so far I've been pretty good about not going there every day.

We went to the Santa Monica farmer's market and got some delicious fruit and veggies.

We also live only ten minutes away from the LA temple! I'm already in love with this temple. It is huge and so beautiful!

We spent a day at the beach and Scott found some sand crabs, which kept him entertained for a long time. :) I think I could definitely get used to living ten minutes away from the beach, and I am especially excited to take Baby Cal there.

Scott is SO EXCITED for his first day of orientation! (School officially starts tomorrow, but he just finished his three days of orientation).

Scott getting his white coat.

After the white coat ceremony. As you can see, I am ENORMOUS. Eight weeks still sounds so far away... I am ready for this baby to come!

Date night of Thrifty's ice cream at Rite Aid, which is quickly becoming a standard. We are addicted! And we can walk there!

Here's a sneak peek of our "library" -- I'll post more pictures of our apartment soon. This is the only picture we've taken of our apartment so far and it happens to be my "30 weeks" pregnant picture.

We're also getting the baby nursery put together and I am so excited. I'm starting to see cute baby boys everywhere and really want to hold mine, although I guess I need to be patient because he's not quite big enough to come out yet. Hopefully we'll have some pictures taken in the next couple of weeks. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our August traveling.

It has been a busy few weeks for us! After moving from Provo, we spent about a week and a half in Idaho with my family. Highlights of the trip included a baby shower held by my mom, a trip out to my dad's shack and Silver City, and a trip to the cabin (and huckleberry picking, hooray!).

Dad and Scott shooting Scott's new pistol at the shack.
Scott and I at the rodeo in Cascade. 
We then made a two-day drive to Modesto. We stopped in Reno after the first half and stayed overnight. The next day we had lunch at an Italian place called La Vecchia which was the most delicious Italian food ever, so GO THERE if you are ever in Reno. Then we drove the rest of the way to Modesto.

In Modesto, we ate a lot of delicious California produce from the fruit stands. We also visited Fresno for Jenna's open house, which was on our 2-year anniversary.

My mom and I.

Not sure why I look so much worse in this picture than the one above it. But yay for two years of marriage!
We returned to Modesto after the open house but traveled up to San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary later that week. We did a lot of the things we did the day we got engaged, including eating at Chowder's for lunch, buying another seashell decoration for our seashell bathroom on Fisherman's Wharf, watching the sea lions, and visiting Ghirardelli Square. The highlight of the day was going to see Les Miserables, which was a surprise for me. To finish the night, we went to another delicious Italian restaurant called Specchio, which is now Scott's favorite of all time.

Hooray for being back in San Francisco!

Cable car.

Psych ward chocolate for the Prego.

Kind of in front of the Les Mis movie poster.
 That week, we also had a garage sale with Scott's dad, went to a talent show, and became thoroughly addicted to Thrifty's ice cream. In fact, we jokingly said we needed a Rite Aid near our new place so we could go to Thrifty's... turns out there is one within walking distance. We've already gone through almost four boxes of ice cream. Whoops. I guess at least we have to walk to get to it, right?

On August 31st, we headed to Los Angeles to move into our apartment. But... I need to clean the kitchen and spend time with Scott, so we'll continue our updates next week. :)
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