About Us

We are the Lemmons. We live in Los Angeles. We are an eternal family. We love smoothies, the Giants, books, being nerds, and each other.

I am Lorren. I'm Scott's wife, Cal's mama, and the blogger behind When Life Gives You Lemmons. I'm a nurse, a reader, a writer, a musician, and a lover of life. (This is a picture of me when I was young and cool and went to concerts and hadn't had babies yet, although -- full disclosure -- I was like 6 weeks pregnant in this picture).

This is Scott, aka the hubs, aka Daddy, aka Dr. Lemmons (almost), aka 2nd Lt. Lemmons. He is a champion smoothie maker, Italian speaker, and curator of children's literature. 

This is Cal, short for Caleb Allen. He is named after a Steinbeck character as living proof of the book-nerdiness of our family. In his short life, Cal has already developed a marked love for books, the desire to talk all the time, and a complete obsession with airplanes. 

Welcome to our blog.

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