Wednesday, May 31, 2017

you might be a millennial woman if...


:: you've ever taken a hand-lettering course

:: you've debated the virtues of Instagram stories vs. Snapchat

:: you know what millennial pink is (and it's your favorite color)

:: you own a Letterfolk board

:: you've practiced your cursive on Instagram stories

:: you own at least one piece of hand-stamped jewelry

:: you're more likely to buy something if the company donates a portion of your purchase to a person in need (TOMS, Bombas, Malawi Pizza)

:: you write in a bullet journal

:: you've donated to a Kickstarter or Patreon fund

:: you've done a Whole30

:: you listen to podcasts

:: you've said "hashtag" in a normal sentence

:: you've ever made a live stream video of yourself on social media

:: you buy all your clothes from tiny online boutiques

:: you know what a "Carly" is

:: you've been to more than three LuLaRoe, LipSense, or Usborne Books parties in the last year

(I'm 14/16. HashtagBASIC.)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

guess who's back

Hi, poor abandoned blog. I've never really defined what I want to do with this space--it's always been a catch-all for the random, unedited and unrevised confetti in my brain. I started When Life Gives You Lemmons in the early 2010's, when most of the blogs I read were vehicles for distant family members to keep up with our day-to-day life. It always took a backseat to The Story Girl, my now dormant book blog. When I decided to close The Story Girl, my posting became a little more frequent here, but I've never "branded" or tried to promote myself. I just sort of sit down every few days (or weeks) (or months) and spill my thoughts out, and sometimes people read them (thanks).

These days, my writing energy goes into writing more polished pieces for other spaces. Instead of typing whatever I think and not even rereading before I press publish, I spend hours revising and send them out in the hope that someone likes them. I've become uncertain of what to do with When Life Gives You Lemmons--should I try and write polished essays here? Still use it as a space for my less organized thoughts? Stop pretending I'm a blogger?

What I'd like to do is continue using it as a space for less organized thoughts, but more often. I like Erin Loechner's philosophy of slow blogging--more thought and space between posts vs. more content. I don't want to post just to post, but I do want to be more present here.

So expect to see more of me. :)
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