Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The week before Halloween was really stressful with tests for Scott and I, so we didn't plan on costumes or any decorations or anything. However, we knew on the evening of Halloween we were going over to Scott's brother John's house, so we got a little treat for our niece Meghan. Because she is only a year old, she can't eat much candy, so John recommended we get her animal crackers.
We had some tiny pumpkins on our table that I had gotten for decoration, and I decided to make Meghan a tiny pumpkin that was her size. When Scott saw me making Meghan's pumpkin, he wanted to join in too.
Scott ended up making a vampire pumpkin.
Mine was just supposed to be a girl pumpkin, but I put too much paint on it and the eyes dripped down. So it looks pretty creepy, but not in the way I was going for...
After we finished our pumpkins, we went over to John and Sarah's. Meghan looked absolutely adorably in the amazing creative costume Sarah made for her. Sarah and I took Meghan around to some houses while John, Scott, and Scott's dad Bill, who was visiting for the weekend, watched the Giant's game and answered the door.
After trick or treating, we had some pizza, watched Clash of the Titans, and Scott and I (mostly Scott) made this pumpkin. Can you tell Scott likes the Giants?
He wants to use pumpkin carving as a sign of his manual dexterity when he applies for dental school. He did a pretty good job, maybe we'll include this photo with his application. ;)

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  1. Looks like fun, guys! I wish we were there with you! I'm very impressed with the Giants pumpkin and it should for sure be on the dental application! He he!


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