Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fan: An Epic Adventure

The scene: 9:30 pm. Scott is playing tennis, and I am studying. The fan, our only refuge in our steamy, close, second story apartment, begins wailing in an unearthly screech.

10:00. Scott gets home. "What is that?"

10:24. Scott removes the face of the fan, thinking it is a rubbing noise. Dust blows all over our bedroom.

10:27. Scott pours olive oil over the fan.

10:31. "Lorren, will you run down to the car and get the belt conditioner?"

10:34. The bedroom is now steamy and filled with poisonous fumes. And hellish screeching.

10:40. Despair.

10:57. Scott grabs a hammer and gives the fan a couple of solid whacks. I yell out, "That is such a man thing to do! 'Let's just hit a couple of times and see if it works!'"

10:58. An eerie silence descends on our apartment as we wait, breathlessly, to see if the fan will begin wailing again.

10:59. I humbly apologize.

11:02. We go to sleep with the fan (silently) blowing blissfully cold air over us.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making cookies (eating vast amounts of cookie dough)

Lorren: "I feel like death again. But in a good way."
Scott: "That's like the epitome of Lorren - feeling like death from eating too much cookie dough."

Saturday, June 25, 2011


when I have a paper to write
I shop online for random things.

Here's what I found today:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am married to a dentist to be...

"I love your gums and your teeth."
- Scott

Friday, June 17, 2011

And then some days, I feel like this.

I have been accused multiple times of being irrational when I am stressed out. So, if you will, a word of explanation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nursing - The Story So Far.

Give me ten words that make you think of your experience as a nursing student so far.

Ready... go.


So far, my experience has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, I have learned that:
a) commuting mostly sucks
b) the days off on Fridays thing doesn't really count, because you could spend 12 hours studying and still not do everything
c) the professors expect that nursing is your one priority in life. Anything else must be shuffled to the side for that email they will send you 14 hours before your reading is due updating the assignment
d) there is a LOT of dirty work involved. Ever heard of a fecal ostomy?

However, on the other (more influential) hand, I have learned what nursing really is, and it has been eye-opening. In my mind, nurses worked for doctors. The doctors were the bosses, and the nurses did all the dirty work. There were subtle hints of my ideal ideas of what nurses also did, obviously, or I wouldn't have chosen the career at all, but the stereotype definitely hung heavy in my mind.

In reality? What nurses do is beautiful and all-encompassing. We watch the body for reactions to medical treatments and new problems, as well as the return to health. We watch the mind for uncertainties and confusion. We watch the soul for ways to steer it back to more health-promoting states. Today on the bus, the older gentleman next to me said, "I assume you are studying to be a nurse?" (judging from my scrubs and pharmacology textbook, I imagine). When I nodded, he said, "What a noble profession." I felt the fuzzies from that comment for the rest of my 6 block walk to clinical. Ever since I've switched to nursing, I've felt the need to defend my decision, to explain to everyone that it wasn't a step down from pharmacy, even though no one has come out and told me they thought it was. Still, it was nice to get some external validation for the decision, and I think it was a perfect echo of what has been going on inside my head for the last four weeks, underlying the stress and the frustration with due dates - I have found the right profession.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taste of France

Three years ago this week, I said goodbye to my favorite city in the world, the place where I had to stretch myself, speak a different language, and discover the world. I also had to say goodbye to one of the most delicious desserts in the world, the macaron (not to be confused with the macaroon). I have had macarons twice since returning to the United States, but each attempt was insipid and mediocre, nothing compared to the burst of flavor I experienced at world-renowned patisseries like Laduree and Pierre Herme.

However, this week I discovered a little French bakery on 500 South in Salt Lake City, and as I have clinical only 6 blocks away, I decided today was a good time to investigate. I marched there in my scrubs with my frizzy unwashed hair and oversized backpack and asked if they had what I was looking for.

For a second I was disappointed when the friendly, overly cheerful cashier asked, "You mean macaroons?" and gestured at a display. However, after quickly remembering the bakery's own term for macarons, "buttons," (maybe to avoid the confusion with macaroons?) I bought two pistachio confections and left for the train, feeling victorious, and as sophisticated as a girl in scrubs who has been up since 4:30 this morning can feel.

Were they worth the journey? I think so. I haven't found the perfect burst of flavor I experienced in my first macaron (citron) at Laduree, but Laduree did invent the cookies in the first place, so I can't expect a little Salt Lake City bakery to have attained the same level of culinary perfection. The cookie was just the right level of crunch and ganache, and the nutty pistachio taste is still lingering on my mouth. And I am staring at my husband's cookie, wishing I hadn't told him that I'd bought him one. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

101 Goals - 1001 Days

I came across this little project at my blogging friend Jillian's blog and I thought it sounded like a great way to motivate myself to try something new and improve my life. So starting today, June 5, 2011 and ending on March 2, 2014, I will be trying to accomplish these 101 things. Some of them are serious and some are more important, but I am hoping I will really be able to do them all.

1. Read my scriptures for at least five minutes (hopefully usually more than that) every single day for a year
2. Be able to run 5 miles without stopping
3. Read 5 Shakespeare plays
4. Be able to do 15 "man" push-ups
5. Visit the Spiral Jetty
6. Go to Moab
7. Journal every day for a month
8. Complete a 365 photo a year project
9. Learn to make my dad's wheat bread
10. Re-read Les Miserables
11. Read Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
12. Have a baby!
13. Become a registered nurse
14. Read Walden outside
15. Perform on the piano in public (other than in sacrament meeting)
16. Go to two temples I've never been to before
17. Be published on something other than a blog
18. Write a poem that rhymes
19. Finish a short story
20. Reach 250 followers on my book review blog
21. Get through a rough draft of the novella I'm working on right now
22. Finish my wedding scrapbook
23. Make cinnamon rolls
24. Buy vegetables from a farmer's market
25. Have an herb garden with at least three herbs in it (I'm thinking basil, rosemary, and chamomile)
26. Learn to like bananas without throwing up
27. Go to the temple three times in one week
28. Eat five fruits and vegetables a day for a month
29. Work in an oncology unit
30. Learn how to French braid
31. Memorize the Chopin nocturne I've been working on
32. Master Liszt's Sonetto 104 Petrarcho (those little trilly parts... so difficult!)
33. Go to Alcatraz
34. Read The Book of Mormon in French
35. Make my own herbal tea
36. Make my own face scrub
37. Fly a kite
38. Finish my wedding thank you notes
39. Go camping
40. Take a picture in front of a state sign
41. Make a pie
42. Write letters to my high school friends that I've fallen out of touch with
43. Meditate every day for a month
44. Watch the entire Harry Potter movie series in a less than two week period
45. Eat lobster
46. Visit The Booksmith in San Francisco
47. Write a fan letter to an author
48. Learn to play and memorize "Someone Like You" by Adele
49. Join a writing group
50. Feed the ducks
51. Visit the Bean Museum
52. Hike Stewart Falls
53. Have a bonfire/guitar night at Vivian Park
54. Go to a state I've never been to before
55. Learn to cook a meal with fish (I love fish, but I've never cooked with anything but tuna!)
56. Do something crazy to my hair (either dye or cut! It's bee pretty much the same for years!)
57. Give lunch to a homeless person
58. Eat an orange right off the tree
59. Make fresh-squeezed lemonade
60. Make a snow fort that I can go inside
61. Go to the zoo
62. Go to Birds of Prey with Scott-face.
63. Go on a picnic
64. Floss every night for a month (If I'm going to be a dentist's wife... I'd better start flossing)
65. Watch fireworks
66. Go on a boat in the sea! (Because I go on boats in lakes a lot, but only once on the sea)
67. Make out with my husband on Squaw Peak
68. Hike Squaw Peak in autumn
69. Watch a meteor shower
70. Go to a rock concert
71. Go to a symphony
72. Hike to the top of the canyon whose name I don't know but that I've hiked almost to the top about 4 times
73. Make homemade gelato
74. Make a photo collage for above our kitchen table
75. Learn a new song on guitar
76. Bear my testimony without crying
77. Go star-gazing
78. Make a rainbow-layer cake
79. Learn to conjugate in two tenses other than the present in Italian
80. Finish the temple cards I have printed out
81. Index 10,000 names
82. Give away a Book of Mormon
83. Make a profile
84. Get enough water for food storage
85. Make a wish at 11:11 on 11/11/11 (But what will I wish for? What will be epic enough?)
86. Review all my NetGalley and review copies
87. Give back to BYU
88. Go to a book festival
89. Go a week without chocolate (This is pretty dang ambitious of me)
90. Slow dance with the Hubs
91. Go out to dinner in a pretty dress
92. Beat Scott at Racko
93. Go out for crepes
94. Go to Spark with my sister
95. Try Moroccan food
96. Put on my wedding dress again
97. Buy something vintage
98. See a play
99. Make macarons
100. Go bird-watching
101. Explore a city with no destination in mind

So... here goes nothing, hmm?
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