Monday, May 14, 2012

Plus 1.

2012 has been a crazy year for us so far. Many exciting things have happened...

Scott was accepted to UCLA dental school.

Scott was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army.

We got a new little niece.

We went to Ingrid Michaelson for my birthday.

Scott graduated.

In addition, we have some exciting things coming up this summer...

Scott will be going to Officer Basic Training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas (this is mostly good news. I'm still not exactly sure how I'm going to survive six weeks without him).

I will be starting -- and finishing -- my capstone at Primary Children's on the cancer and transplant floor.

My little sister will get married on June 16 to the handsome Alan Reintjes.

I will be graduating from nursing school and taking the NCLEX to become an registered nurse.

We will be moving from Provo after six long years (minus two for Scott because of his mission to Italy) to California! Because I will be working so hard this summer, I am excited about living in a place that feels like summer as a reward when I am done.

Scott will be starting dental school.

But the most exciting thing of all is coming in the fall...

Our little family of two will become a family of three.

Baby Lemmons is currently the size of a lemon, and should be coming along on or around November 16, 2012.


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