Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few observations on pregnancy.

* You are cute for about a two-month window - 4 months to 6 months. During the first trimester, you are so tired and nauseated that you don't have the energy to make an effort. And once you hit six months, in my case at least, you just became huge. I think that's when the "You're such a cute pregnant lady!" comments stop.
* Half the people you see will tell you that you aren't sticking out very much yet. The other half will ask if you are having twins, or if you are due tomorrow, or if you have been overeating.
* You should wear your non-maternity clothes for as long as possible, because the novelty of wearing maternity clothes only lasts so long.
* Being pregnant makes you automatic friends in lines and grocery stores. Everyone wants to talk to you about your pregnancy.
* There is some instinct in women to terrify pregnant women about their impending discomforts, whether that is the third trimester or labor. It's some kind of badge of courage or something.
* Feeling the baby kick never grows old.
* For me at least, I have stopped looking for things for myself when I go shopping. (Nothing fits anyway, and I've long since exhausted all the stores I frequent of cute maternity clothes). Now I am always looking for cute little boys' clothes. Which is nice, because I feel justified in spending the money, because it isn't for me.
* People feel justified in openly staring at you.

That's all for now. More of these will probably resurface over the next few months. I feel like it is already impossible for me to get any larger, but people tell me it is only the beginning. :)

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