Monday, April 22, 2013

The next 25.

I've had an incredible birthday, and have been very spoiled -- lots of cute new clothes, the Pitch Perfect DVD (aca-awesome), some gift cards, and best of all, a beautiful video slideshow that my husband put together (we'll see if I can figure out how to post that here one of these days). I also had the opportunity to attend the LA Times Book Festival yesterday, which was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a lovely day.

I've been thinking that 25 is a significant number -- a quarter of a century old. It led me to reflect on what I've accomplished in the last 25 years (some serious, some silly), and what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next 25.

25 of the BEST things that have happened in the last 25 years:

1. I was born. Sa-weet.

2. I married my true love for eternity in the Boise, Idaho temple.

3. I gave birth to my darling, AWESOME son, Caleb Allen Lemmons.

4. I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

5. I graduated from college... twice. 

6. I lived in France for a summer.

7. I had my heart broken many times, but pushed through it and found true love. :)

8. I put together a lengthy program for my senior piano and voice recital. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and it was amazing.

9. I learned to ballroom dance and even placed in a competition

10. I discovered that the Lord wanted me to be a nurse, even though it wasn't my original plan (and I'm so grateful for it now!)

11. I learned to read. (If you know me, you know this is a huge part of my life!)

12. My two siblings, Jenna and Jace, were born.

13. I started my book blog.

14. I've met many wonderful friends.

15. I received a magical first kiss under mistletoe

16. I wrote a song (and made 50 dollars from it... starving artist)

17. Hearing Cal laugh for the first time

18. I came home to find my mom had bought a piano. :)

19. I won the parent lottery. 

20. I had my life changed by some beautiful, strong children: the autistic boy I tutored for 2 years, the kids at Camp Kesem, and the cancer warriors on Primary Children's ICS.

21. I gained a testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel.

22. I faced some of the toughest trials of my life, including having my husband leave for boot camp, dealing with a scary birth, and watching my son suffer in the hospital -- and grew and became stronger.

23. I got an American Girl doll (that was a big moment in my 5-year-old life).

24. My 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Dempsey, told my mom he remembered I was a good writer six years later. (Sounds lame, but it was seriously one of my life's favorite compliments)

25. I traveled to some fun places: Boston, Hawaii, Mexico, Belgium, San Francisco, DISNEYLAND.

25 goals for the next 25 years:

1. Have the rest of my darling babies.

2. See Cal serve a full-time mission.

3. Be a temple worker

4. Go to the temple in another country

5. Finish writing my novel

6. Run a half-marathon

7. Get a master's of nursing education

8. Become a certified oncology nurse

9. Become an IBCLC lactation consultant

10. Return to my pre-pregnancy weight (sooner rather than later, please?)

11. Memorize all the Scripture Mastery scriptures

12. Live somewhere I've never lived before

13. Join a really good choir

14. Learn Italian

15. Go to General Conference in Salt Lake City with my family

16. Have our own house

17. Work as a nurse

18. Read the complete works of Shakespeare

19. Plant a garden

20. Go to Italy

21. Return to France

22. Ballroom dance again

23. Complete baby books for all my children and my wedding scrapbook

24. Bring someone into the Gospel

25. Be happy. 

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