Saturday, August 3, 2013

Health Article Round-up: July 2013

:: Why Brazil is the best place for kids to have chemo -- because they learn it gives them SUPERPOWERS! (Watch this video, it's only two minutes!!)

:: Babies who have a respiratory infection during the first six months of life are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes. (Sorry Cal). All the  more reason to breastfeed as much as you can, especially before six months, in order to protect your baby against infections.

:: Women who did not consume enough omega-3 and omega-6 oils during pregnancy have a higher likelihood of having a child with autism. This condition is largely mysterious to predict, so it is great to have some preventive guidelines.

:: Apparently induction of a woman in labor reduces the risk of a C-section. Whaaa...? This is news to me -- I thought it was the opposite (it was in my case).

:: Diet drinks do not reduce obesity. Researchers don't know why for sure, but think perhaps the body is confused when it tastes an artificial sweetener and responds with inappropriate insulin.

:: Irregular work schedules and night shifts can increase issues with fertility and miscarriages. Good to know.

:: There is constant debate about when to start feeding babies solids. According to a recent study, starting after 4 months and before 6 months is optimal to prevent Type 1 diabetes. (Also, there are lately a billion articles about what does/does not predict type 1 diabetes in children. Hooray for being closer to the cure).

:: Multivitamins do not reduce deaths in cancer patients. (AKA: Eat your veggies peeps, the vitamins are fakes that won't save you. To hear more of this rant, watch an episode of Doctor Oz while sitting next to me).

:: But you know what causes cancer? Air pollution. Especially if you live near a large roadway (*Looks out window to the busiest stretch of the 405, which is the busiest freeway in LA, which might have the worst roads in the world*). (Also, according to Scott, the cadavers in his anatomy lab that lived in LA all their lives and were nonsmokers had lungs that looked like those of smokers. *wince*).

:: Too much of a good thing is still too much. High omega-3 consumption is linked with increased prostate cancer risk in men. Keep that fish oil consumption in moderation -- recent Italian studies don't even show a protective effect against heart disease.

:: I've heard of cord blood banking, but had never thought about the benefits of letting babies receive more umbilical blood before cutting the cord. Apparently, delaying the cord cutting for a minute or longer results in higher iron stores in newborns, which could be very beneficial. It does also increase the risk of jaundice in newborns by 2%.

:: Americans are exercising more! Yay! But... we are also getting fatter. Apparently I'm not the only one who wishes that exercise would allow me to eat whatever I wanted.

:: More United States mothers are breastfeeding. :)

:: Vaccines do not cause mental problems. Repeat... VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

:: Childhood cancers tend to be unpredictable. BUT... adult cancers are often more preventable. Here are four steps you can take to help your child avoid cancer in adulthood.

:: Also, why my future workplace is the best ever (I just wish I could have been there)... Hello Kitty visits cancer patients at CHLA. :)

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