Sunday, July 6, 2014

Inspiration from June

Here's my collection of what I loved on the internet this month. Posts that were beautiful, posts that made me smile, posts that made me cry, posts that made me think.

:: Mothers who write. 

:: Finding balance within the realm of working motherhood (rather than an either/or type of thing)

:: Motherhood: Defined (I love writing like this. Makes me think of David Levithan's Dictionary of Love)

:: A great example of loving and appreciating one's spouse.

:: Learning from trials.

:: I love examples of other real, live momma's days. And while this one is declaring she is not as positive as people make her out to be, I still think she is a great example.

:: How to be awesome, part 6. I definitely intended to write a whole post on this video, but suffice it to say -- this is a great message, and one I am constantly trying to apply rather than letting myself feel hurt.

:: A woman who helped organize a foundation for global service that is oriented towards families. Scott and I really would love to participate in something like this.

:: Does meaning come from the accomplishment of our goals or the striving towards them?

:: You can still have time to read when you have babies!! Amen, sista.

:: A very cool comparison of Christ to the hero of an epic story, and how that applies to all of us.

:: This is much like my philosophy on what to do when Cal won't eat. (It's always nice to be validated).

:: I want to be this kind of nurse.

:: Advice to young writers.

:: How amazing is this art gallery? I want to go there.

:: The secret to a good marriage: Definitely something to remember.

:: Mental course changers to stop mommas from trash-talking themselves.

:: Ten rules for reading.

:: On being honest about the adjustment period to motherhood -- such an echo of my own experience both then and now.

:: This makes me weep. I have seen so many families lose their first child, and wondered how it would feel to have another child. Here is one woman's moving story.

:: God as story-lover and law-maker. (Kind of weird, but it works when you read the article).

:: Get rid of the "shoulds".  

:: Chemo Barbie!!

:: A road-map for finding happiness.

:: Truly beholding our children.

:: Learning to be Christlike.

:: How the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints empowers women.

I hope you found something good to read. xo

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