Monday, August 4, 2014

Inspiration in July

:: This post resonated with me because this lovely lady had a similar spiritual inspiration to mine to pursue something outside of the home while in the midst of motherhood.

:: 15 moms you will probably meet at playgroup -- this made me laugh out loud. Although there are some of them that unfortunately describe me...

:: I love Laini Taylor and I love Paris. A fun look at the city through her ever-creative eyes.

:: This post about how a child sees his mother's beauty made me cry. And simultaneously reminded me of how I have always thought my mom was the most beautiful lady in the world (but really, she actually is).

:: Thoughts on solitude and the Savior. (Introverts unite!)

:: 10 promises that should be part of wedding vows -- good (and amusing) advice for any marriage.

:: A wonderful post about Caleb of the Old Testament. A good role model for my own little Caleb.

:: I want to read this book -- it sounds really thought-provoking.

:: This post on why you should say yes to... you know... had me laughing.

:: Surviving the first year of parenthood (survival skill essential: a sense of humor).

:: I love Cup of Jo's blog series about parenting around the world. This post about Germany had particular appeal to me because we might live there some day.

:: Stop accusing women for being pregnant just because they exhibit one of these 5 symptoms.

:: Loved this interview with Dr. Christina Hibbert, an psychologist who has been through some difficult trials herself.

:: We spend way too much time on our smart phones.

:: A career woman became a SAHM -- and liked it. (And more about this...)

:: 35 life lessons.

:: Being real about our struggles and our humanity, instead of presenting our perfect facades to the world. If you read one link on this page, read this one.

:: Vulnerability in parenthood.

:: A thought-provoking post on what we should and shouldn't share on instagram. I know I have been on the same side as this author of seeing a photo shared of an event with everyone from the ward except yourself invited to some get-together and being stricken at being left out. And yet, at the same time, do we have an obligation to protect everyone else in the world from being offended? Interesting, with lots to chew on.

:: It's okay if it takes time to grow into motherhood.

:: A beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL scholarly dissection of some of the latest talks and books about women and the priesthood. I LOVE the insights here.

:: Becoming perfect in Christ.

Have a great month! And share any links you have found, too. :)

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  1. Okay I navigated my way back to this post to tell you thank you SO MUCH for linking to the Valerie Cassler article on women and the priesthood! She is my favorite voice on this topic and I didn't know this was posted. I loved it so much. We really need to get together sometime and talk about this stuff.


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