Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family Updates {5.15}


:: was accepted into the Venice Select program for dental school. This competitive program allows him to have extra days at a clinic in Venice (CA) as well as extra lectures from a great professor.

:: is gearing up for his externship in Hawaii.


:: finally have my energy back. This pregnancy has been much more draining than my pregnancy with Cal, probably because of Cal. However I am finally feeling up to working out and I think that has made a huge difference.

:: have been trying to spend 15 minutes writing a day. This blog has fallen into disuse with my lack of energy -- all I've been doing with my spare time is sleep, sleep, sleep. However, I am hoping to start spending more time writing and updating again.

:: am sad that many of my friends are leaving Los Angeles with the end of the school year this year. And also incredulous that it will be us next year.


:: loves SNAILS! Every morning he wakes up and says, "I want to go outside and find snails!" He also has a little snail habitat in his room so he can watch snails all the time.

:: had a blast at California Adventure yesterday. He is often nervous at amusement parks but absolutely loved his day yesterday, now that the passes are about to blacked out for the next several months of course!

:: is no longer attending daycare. He spends weekend days with Scott, one day a week with my grandma, and one day a week with a babysitter who has a little boy around his age.

:: is getting to be less shy around other kids, which is helping me be less worried about the issues he had at daycare.

:: is starting to speak in more original sentences. He loves to tell me what he wants to do every day ("I want to go to Disneyland! I want to see airplanes! I want to ride the Magic School Bus!"). He also loves to describe what is happening in books and the world around him, and is starting to say some pretty funny things. "Get out of here, little mama!" My favorite thing is his prayers. He always blesses his toys, and the other day he also blessed dirt and sticks.


:: are excited that another little BOY is joining our family!

:: are excited that we are taking a vacation every month until this baby is born. I often feel like we never get to have fun because of my work schedule, but we are going to Hawaii in June, Cal and I are visiting my family in July, we are renting a cabin with friends in August, and going to San Diego for a friend's wedding in September.

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