Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our engagement

So to continue our story...

Scott and I went to Modesto to visit his family on Memorial Day weekend. The first day, we got in a little late and went to his sister's house and met the family. They were so nice and I felt like I fit in right away. It was very loud and exciting with 9 of Scott's 10 nieces and nephews showing us their favorite dance moves.

The next morning, Scott and I got up early to ride "Bart" into San Francisco and spend a day in the city. I had been wanting to go to San Francisco ever since I had flown over it on the way to Hawaii a few years earlier, so I was very excited.

We started the day out on the wharf, where Scott took me to get his favorite crab sandwiches and clam chowder (in a sourdough bowl of course). After that, we wandered around through the shops. We got a little seashell mobile from this awesome seashell shop and decided we would have a seashell bathroom (it is hanging up in there now!). It had been abnormally chilly in Modesto and San Francisco is usually a little cold in the morning so we had coats on. Scott was wearing a huge black coat. I was carrying mine and asked him if he wanted me to carry his once it warmed up, but he continued to wear it even though it was getting very warm. That should have been my first warning...

After walking around on the wharf, we went to Ghirardelli Square - probably my most anticipated event of the day! We got a delicious caramel ice cream sundae and I was in heaven. I wanted to buy some chocolate to take with me from the shop, but Scott was in a hurry. We had tickets to see Wicked at 2:00, and it was 12:30, so I wasn't sure why he was in such a rush, but when he suggested that we walk by the ocean, I wasn't too suspicious. I had told him earlier that I wanted to walk by the ocean if we had time, so I thought he was just making time to do that. However, it was much more than just humoring my idea!

We walked down a bit pier that curved around. There were lots of people fishing and running. As we slowly walked down, I started to feel more and more nervous. One second I thought he was going to propose, and the next I would tell myself, No, I don't think he is going to do it right now. We looked out at the ocean once we got to the end of it and talked for a while. I was just enjoying the moment and thinking it was very romantic even though he wasn't proposing. Scott suddenly said, "Look, can you see the Oakland temple?" I couldn't and told him. He said, "Oh, I think it's right there! Can you see that glint of light?" I still couldn't see it. He said, "Just keep looking!" and at that moment I could feel his heart beating really fast (he was standing behind me). He knelt down and proposed and obviously, I said yes! We were very lucky because a lady running offered to take some pictures of us. I was so happy and couldn't stop giggling - I was glad I wasn't a crying mess, because that is what I would have expected of myself. It was the perfect, romantic setting, but more than anything I was just happy I was with Scott.

After our romantic proposal, we had to rush to get to Wicked! We took a trolley to the theater while I called my family members to tell them what had happened. Wicked was absolutely amazing but I couldn't help getting distracted by my ring. It felt like everything was too good to be true - seafood, Wicked, Ghirardelli Square AND eternity all in one day?

After Wicked, we were picked up by Scott's dad to go to a Giant's game with the whole family. We hadn't told any of Scott's family that we were engaged because we wanted to surprise them (although Scott's dad knew that we were planning on getting married). We got to the game first and I got more and more nervous as we waited for his sisters and their families to show up. They had only met me less than 24 hours ago and I was worried that they wouldn't like that we got engaged so quickly after meeting them. I was trying to hide my hand once they did show up until I could work up the courage to flash the diamond and hear the surprised screams. Scott's dad even told Jenna, Scott's niece, to look at my hands but all she noticed was that my nails were painted. :) When Scott's sister asked what we did that day, Scott gave the list and then grabbed my hand and held it up. Cue surprised screams. But they were excited ones too. :) And to top it all off the Giants won - by a lot (but I can't remember how much... Scott could probably tell you). And that was the best day of my life up to that point.


  1. Awww..... so fun to hear the whole story! It was such a great day! I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you!

  2. proposal by the ocean? Heck yes!


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