Monday, September 6, 2010

How We Met

But first... quote of the day!

Scott: I'm cold.
Lorren: Is that why you're wearing socks?
Scott: No. I was going to put shoes on because it makes me more productive.

And now, the story.

Once upon a time, Lorren had to do her visiting teaching, but when she went to her teachee, Kellie's, apartment, she was informed that Kellie was not there but was in fact playing games with some new guys in the BYU 138th ward who lived in apartment D213. Lorren and her visiting teaching companion decided to just stop by for a few minutes because Lorren had been out of town for 3 weeks and they would not be able to visit Kellie at any other time. Kellie was a good sport about it and came outside for a few minutes. She told Lorren and April about how she had a big crush on one of the boys inside, Steve. Lorren and April felt guilty for interrupting the evening and let Kellie get back to playing games.

Unfortunately, when Lorren returned to her apartment, she found that her roommates had left to go hot-tubbing at Glenwood. Lorren did not have keys with her and was not sure what to do, so she went back to apartment D213 and asked if she could play games with Kellie, Steve, and Steve's roommate.

The game was Scattergories and Steve and Kellie were enjoying the competition. Steve's roommate, Scott, was sad because he could not remember very many
good words in English because he had recently returned from a mission to Italy. At the end of the night, Lorren and Kellie went back to Kellie's apartment to wait for Lorren's roommates to come back from their hot-tubbing adventure. Kellie asked Lorren if she thought Scott was cute. Lorren said yes because she liked his glasses.Throughout the summer, Lorren would occasionally hang out with Kellie's group of friends. Kellie and Steve started officially dating, and so the group always included Steve and his roommate Scott. Lorren began to notice that Scott was very fun but also a very deep thinker. She liked the way he took important things seriously and wasn't ashamed to analyze the meanings of deep things. She also enjoyed being at dance parties with him because he was a crazy awesome dancer. However, she was a little distracted because she was dating the wrong boy. A few weeks later when the wrong boy broke up with her, she hung out with Kellie, Steve, and Scott and they tried to cheer her up. Steve told her that she should date Scott and she laughed it off because she was tired of dating. However, she did think Scott was cooler than anybody else she hung out with that summer. Unfortunately, on one of the last nights of the summer, they all went to a movie and Scott put his arm around another girl. Even though she couldn't explain to herself exactly why, Lorren was annoyed by this and hoped that the relationship wasn't too serious.
The fall semester started and Lorren dated another wrong boy. She also was put on service council, which Scott was the council chair of. Lorren also wanted to start a kickball team, and Scott helped her put it together and became the team captain. As they spent more time together, they became better friends. When the wrong boy was out of the picture, Scott and Lorren had a long talk about relationships and why dating was frustrating. Lorren suggested that they do something fun together to get their minds off their dating situations, and Scott invited her to watch the clean flicks version of Slumdog Millionairethat evening with a big group of friends. Lorren had a great time and couldn't remember the last person she had that much fun with. Still, she didn't want to have a relationship due to the tumultuous summer of dating wrong boys.

A few weeks later, Lorren got sick with the swine flu. Scott came over and brought her hot chocolate and they talked about music and personality tests. After a few evenings of "hanging out" they asked each other to go to BYU's acoustic night (it really was a simultaneous asking... kind of funny). After that, Scott took Lorren out amost every weekend. Her feelings for him kept growing, especially after sh learned more about his life and his testimony. They started spending more time together to plan the Sub for Santa auction, a big activity held by the service council.

One of the items being auctioned off was dinner with Lorren's apartment. At the auction, Scott got in a bidding war with someone and ended up buying the dinner for $80. At this point, Lorren started to feel like maybe it was time to move from being just friends. However, she was very nervous about dating someone exclusively. She and Scott went on a couple more dates and then one very cold night when they had been studying together at the library past midnight, Scott held Lorren's hand. A few days later, on a ward temple trip, Scott asked Lorren to be his girlfriend officially on a bench in Temple Square, surrounded by falling snow and the Christmas lights. Lorren said yes.
To be continued!!


  1. awwww!!! i've never heard this!! can't wait for the to be continued part! :)


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