Thursday, October 28, 2010

Packages are the best

Yesterday, I came home from my tough test and arduous day of studying to find a big package in our mailbox - so big it was hard to carry up the stairs with my backpack.

The package was from Nana, my maternal grandmother, who pretty much spoils me rotten. Scott said he felt lucky to be a part of the family so he can now join in the spoilage.

In the package was

* A set of white sheets
*An assortment of goodies from Trader Joes (which I wish they had in Utah!)
- dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups
- dark chocolate covered raisins
- dark chocolate covered caramels
- spider and pumpkin fruit gummies
- cinnamon almonds (which are pretty much my favorite thing ever, thanks to Zupas)
- honey roasted nuts

And the best thing of all....

Time to make some frozen yogurt!
(I was going to upload a picture but my computer won't let me so... maybe later).

Thanks Nana! We love you!


  1. Woohoo!! Packages really are the best. And your Nana has always sent you good ones :)

  2. You had some pretty rockin packages too Kels! It was always the best to decorate our apartment after your mom sent some packages. :)


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