Sunday, October 10, 2010

School for the Lemmons

The idea of posting wedding pictures is overwhelming to me right now, because I haven't saved them yet to the computer. So I thought I would just update you on our semesters for today.

Scott is taking some really hard classes this semester. He has:
* An Italian class on Dante, which I think he loves. He has been telling me all about which punishments all the different sinners receive in Dante's circles of hell. I'm reading it once I finish my library books.
* The second half of O Chem. This is probably one of his toughest classes. I can relate having taken it a year and a half ago. However, Scott is also taking it in conjunction with the O Chem Lab, which is a lot of busy work. I took that separately - I can't imagine taking them both together. He has to spend a lot of time writing out the labs because he isn't allowed to bring anything into the lab but his writeup.
* Animal Diversity - He gets to dissect all kinds of creatures and memorize facts about their cell structures.
* LDS Marriage and Family - I took this one a couple of years ago too. Scott has Brother Richardson, who is the father of one of my former roommates and a great teacher. He has to grow a seed for the class - I think to represent our marriage and nurturing it?
* Scott is also teaching Italian 101, which takes a lot of his time. According to my sister, who is in the class, he is a great teacher and everyone loves him.

I am almost done with my time here at BYU - this is my last full-time semester! I have:
* Endocrinology - This is a pretty tough course that actually has a lot of graduate students in it, but so far I am enjoying it, even though I usually don't understand anything during lecture and have to re-teach myself when I go home. We learn a lot about signaling pathways and I am surprised to find that I love them! Cell bio and molecular biology were both tough courses for me but I guess once those principles are applied I really love it.
* Advanced Neuroscience - this is the capstone for my major. I have Dr. Brown, whom I have had for almost every neuro class, so I am finally used to his tests and teaching style. My goal is to get an A in his class because I haven't gotten an A in any other class I've had with him. It is pretty interesting, mostly what I have learned before in neuroscience classes but in a LOT more detail.
* Bioorganic Chemistry - This is the "easy" O chem for nursing. I could have used my other chemistry courses but I didn't do great so I am taking this course to hopefully make me more competitive for nursing school.
* Physiology lab - I am just taking the lab for physiology. This is a neuroscience elective and nursing prerequisite. It is all right - a lot of busy work, and the computer simulations can be annoying to figure out, but every once in a while we learn something really interesting.
* Nutrition in the Prevention of Chronic Disease - this class is reasonably interesting. I like finding out about the different risk factors for disease. We read a lot of primary literature and interpret it in class. I don't love it or hate it.
Other than that I am getting started on my application for nursing school and trying to find a place to do my phlebotomy externship. I am glad that I will have a few months where I won't be going to school full time before I start my marathon 14 months of nursing (fingers crossed).


  1. I took Brother Richardson's marriage class too! My plant didn't grow very well.. hopefully that's not indicative of my marriage... hah

  2. The combination of Dante's Inferno and Orgo is ironic. Wait till he tells you about the circle of hell where students are endlessly scribbling out the mechanisms for all the reactions of carbonyls.
    All I have to say is, holy cow, how do you find time to take Orgo 2 and teach Italian. That is not easy. Best of luck.

  3. wow, good for both of you! seems like a lot of work but it'll be worth it


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