Saturday, December 3, 2011

smarty pants.

This person works very, very hard. Can you tell by all those papers on his lap (if you look closely, they are covered with nasty things like physics and chemistry)? Can you tell by the determined expression in his eyes?

He has been working hard for the last six years -- two of those years were spent as a missionary, learning how to work hard and dedicate himself to something higher than himself day in and day out -- and the other four were spent doing what you see him doing in this picture -- studying like crazy, as well as shadowing dentists, doing service, and teaching Italian.

After all of that hard work, he has gotten his reward -- acceptances at Midwestern University and Roseman University!

Midwestern is one of Scott's top schools, with a unique curriculum and a great reputation. Some of our friends will be there next year, which would be fun if we end up going there. Scott likes the fact that it is in Arizona, aka never being cold again, and I am kind of curious to see what it is like because it is located in the city I was born in {but have no memories of}.

Roseman is in Utah. We probably won't be going there, although it would have been nice if only because we would be closer to family. However, I feel obligated to brag because I know that Scott won't -- his interviewer personally went to the admissions committee and told them by name that he wanted Scott to be at their school.

Does this mean that we will be living in Arizona? We don't know yet, because Scott has one more interview, at University of California - San Francisco, which is near his family and also his dad's alma mater. We should know whether he is accepted to that school by the end of January, and then we will be able to make our permanent choice.

I am so proud of Scott for working so hard. He has worked for this for years, and he has definitely earned it! I should know, because I took all of the same classes {although I didn't do as well as he did}! We will keep you posted on where we decide to go. We have to put down a deposit {about $1000 - ouch!} before the UCSF interview, so that interview will have to be pretty stellar to change our minds, but we will see. I am excited for what the next four years have in store for us, and happy to have it a little more narrowed down. 

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