Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfulness: Days 14-20

I really am grateful, even though I didn't write about it all week. It's been a little crazy!

Day 14: I am grateful that our car works. I've put it through a lot, and sometimes I am surprised that it is still creaking its way down the highway. But without it, I would have to spend four hours on the bus for a half hour assignment at the hospital on Mondays.

Day 15: I am grateful to be healthy. Spending time all day with miserable patients has really helped me to appreciate health and ability. I know that I may not always have it, so I want to spend my time trying to be as healthy as possible and taking advantage of the body I've been given, that so far walks, talks, sees, hears, breathes, and moves pretty well.

Day 16: I am grateful that I had a great nurse preceptor on this day. They can be few and far between, and I really needed one that day... it had been a rough last few couple of clinicals.

Day 17: I am grateful I can sleep on the bus. Because sometimes, I just really need it.

Day 18: I am grateful for DAYS OFF.

Day 19: I am grateful for my lovely grandmother and great-grandmother {happy birthday}

Day 20: I am grateful that I got to spend time with my little sister yesterday.

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