Monday, February 17, 2014

Little Gems

I am an imperfect person who sometimes struggles with finding gratitude for the small, day-to-day joys in life. However, today many of those tiny perfect moments cropped up together.

:: Cal laughed himself to sleep tonight. I was tempted to go in and see what was so funny, but I don't mess with bedtime. Still, it was delightful to hear him giggling until he went all the way into sleep.

:: Cal was also reunited with a friend today. A few days ago, milk saturated his "doggie" and the poor little animal smelled so bad we had to take it away until we could wash it. As we carted him off to the laundry today, Cal cried because he wanted to snuggle him. When I finally brought him back, fresh and fluffy and clean, Cal cried "Doggie! Doggie!" and planted several big kisses on the doggie's nose.

:: Cal decided to feed me today. He started picking up pieces of his snacks and holding them out to me. He would open his mouth and say "Aah" when he wanted me to eat. At one point in the day I couldn't get him to calm down and let me finish cooking dinner so I sat on the floor grating cheese, and he picked up all the little pieces of shredded cheese that fell off the grater and fed them to me.

:: We went for a walk to Point Dume this morning. I haven't taken advantage of the natural beauties of this area much, and it was amazing to walk above the beach. We heard sea lions, went down to tide pools (Cal was terrified and climbed up my torso, trying to get to higher ground), and enjoyed the ocean. I was struck by the idea that we were all the way on the edge of the United States. I mean, obviously, but I had never thought of it that way before and it was an awe-inspiring feeling for me.

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