Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boog boog boog.

Lately, Cal is going through so many changes I can hardly keep track of him. It seems like every day he is saying a new word or performing a new skill. I have found with being a parent that there are things to enjoy in every new phase, but I have to say that this most recent one might be my favorite. I feel like I am constantly cracking up at Cal's antics or in awe of what he has learned. Here are some of his new "tricks":

:: He has a quickly growing vocabulary, and the words that he speaks really make me laugh because they are kind of random. He says the normal words: Mama, Daddy (always DadDY, not DaDA), Nana, and uh-oh. The rest of his vocabulary is nature based: tree, sun, moon, owl, doggie, kitty. He also has a few garbled words that might be real words or might just be me putting words in his mouth. Sometimes he makes a sound like "No no no no," sometimes "all done," and sometimes "nana" (although in reference to oranges, not bananas). Then of course he has his own personal language, in which he is fluent and constantly talking. Lately I've wondered if he is trying to say real words and his little tongue-tied mouth just can't get around them yet, because he'll say something to me and then look at me like I'm stupid for not complying with his request.

:: He has walked a couple of times (today was the first time in almost a month!) but generally refuses to. At 15 months and almost 30 lbs., I am all for the walking to begin. I'm starting to get a really sore back from carrying him around.

:: Cal really likes when we make growling or yelling noises (in joking of course -- he knows if we are actually mad and does not like that). Sometimes he will start growling or yelling to encourage us to start, and once we do he giggles at us.

:: Lately, he likes to feed me. He will hold something up in his fingers and even if I am across the room will say, "Aaah," and open his mouth. Usually he does it to get rid of food he doesn't want, like blueberries, but occasionally he will offer something he loves, like goldfish or graham crackers, just to be sweet.

:: He LOVES his stuffed animals. He has a whole menagerie of "best friends" and loves them all, although his two "kitties" are, I think, his very favorites. He sleeps with two kitties, a doggie, and his Jenna-bear, which lately he has been calling "Daddy." (In fact, he calls all bears "Daddy" these days).

:: Cal could read books all day. Usually in the morning he pulls books off the shelves and finds all the suns and moons and points to them and says what they are (and almost never mixes them up). He'd rather be in his room reading books than anywhere else, except for maybe outside.

:: He has become much more affectionate. He was never a snuggler as a baby, but lately he will give hugs and kiss-bites (I have a few bruises). He also loves to kiss/bite his animals, usually chewing on their noses or tails.

:: He LOVES flowers. He always wants to touch them and is (usually) good at being gentle and not ripping them to pieces.

That's what this little creature has been up to lately. Every day he seems to change a little more and I am excited to see what he does next. :)

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