Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Inspiration for May

I am sick today, which has been a blessing in disguise. I so rarely allow myself to really relax and let up on the demands I make for myself, and doing that today was much needed. It also means I finally have a few minutes to blog, so here is the belated list of the various things I found on the internet that were inspiring last month:

:: A General Conference talk about the Lord's constant presence through joy and trial

:: A powerful column about support during postpartum depression

:: Proof that we're all just doing the best we can.

:: A mother who pursued her dream to be a writer, too

:: Confessions from a fellow introvert. Would you all forgive me if I did this from time to time?

:: The divine gifts of women -- a must read

:: A beautiful film about the divine gifts of women -- and a great analysis, too

:: A meditation on Mother's Day for different women

:: Comparing the difficulties of new motherhood and postpartum depression with baseball (it works, I promise)

:: More excellent advice on how to increase the awesomeness in your life.

:: The grace of letting it go (cue Elsa here)

:: Comparing that unglamorous time of month to the Atonement (again, I promise it works!)

:: Commonalities of motherhood

:: Having faith before everything is made clear

:: How I feel about books.

:: On achievement and reaching for the moon.

:: Defining motherhood based on being rather than doing.

:: What the human soul is thirsting for

:: Don't be perfect -- be good enough.

:: How to love and accept yourself

:: A birth story that shows the blessing and power of personal revelation

:: On dreams, and choosing the right ones

:: A list of all the women in the New Testament. How handy is that?

:: Thoughts on an art exhibit about the Savior.

:: Live for your dream, not the biggest dream

:: Help in carrying our burdens

:: Empowering women to have births that result in a healthy baby and a healthy mother

Whew, there was a lot of goodness out in the internets this month. I hope you found something that added a little inspiration or beauty to your day.

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  1. I always look forward to these lists you write. I feel honored to be on it this month. I thought I had commented but I loved your mother's day post.


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