Sunday, October 14, 2012

Giants! and other news.

I don't have any pictures for you this week, but here's what we've been up to...

:: I took the NCLEX on Tuesday. I won't find out if I passed for several weeks, but I think I did well. It is great to be done. I celebrated by going out to Indian food with my grandma and picking out a cute outfit for the baby to come home from the hospital in.
:: Scott made an almost perfect veneer in his waxing class on Wednesday. It is really fun to see him already developing new skills that he will be using in his work as a dentist.
:: Pregnancy hit me full-body with a 2X4 this week. I've been feeling pretty great although having some symptoms off and on, but this week I have basically been as sore and uncomfortable as can be. The good news is this kid will hopefully be here sometime in the next 33 days. :)
:: Scott got to play tennis with some dental school/church friends.
:: The Giants beat the Reds after a stunning 3 game streak that almost sent me into early labor. They are playing the Cardinals in the next round of the playoffs as we speak, and I am excited to see how everything turns out. I really want them to go to the World Series so I can have a party. :)
:: We *almost* saw the space shuttle. Unfortunately it was running 3 hours late and we took public transportation and became stranded in downtown LA. Fortunately we were with friends who helped us make the most of the situation and had other friends who saved us by picking us up.
:: I went with my grandparents to the textile district in LA and got to see my grandma's insane skills at picking out cute fabrics. We have some owl patterns picked out to make some things for the baby. We also went to Phillippe's, which is one of my favorite places to eat in LA.
:: Scott's sisters and some of our nieces and nephews came to town to go to the American Girl store at the Grove. I have always wanted to go there and never had the chance, so it was really exciting for me as well as the little girls. Camille got a new doll (Caroline) and the other girls picked out some cute outfits. We also ate a "fancy" 4-course meal in the cafe, complete with chairs and dishes for the dolls as well. The dolls got their ears pierced and their hair styled, too. It was a delayed dream come true for me. :) I hope one day I have a little girl that I can take there, because I don't think Cal is going to quite appreciate the store. :)

So, all in all, a pretty good week. This week we are looking forward to buying some things for the baby, going out to eat, studying hard (for Scott), reading a lot (for me), and watching the Giants win the next round of playoffs!!

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