Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trials, blessings, and random pictures

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for us, with some difficult things happening but also some amazing things happening. So to break it down for you:

:: Scott is in the middle of his first batch of midterms. He has been feeling stressed about them, but so far has done well. His hardest one, anatomy, is on Tuesday.
:: My great-grandma Lucille passed away about two weeks ago. She was almost 91 and lived an amazing life of influencing and blessing so many people. She has been without my Grandpa Ross for almost twenty years and one of the last things I ever heard her say was that she really missed him, so I am so glad that they are finally getting to spend time together again. My mom also said that if Cal is born late, it is because my grandma isn't done playing with him. Grandma Lucille was known for loving babies and always wanting to hold babies, so I'm sure she is excited to be one of the first to get to play with her great-great-grandson.

5 generation photo when I was a baby -- Grandma Lucille is standing in the back on the right. 

:: At my doctor's appointment on Monday, I found out that my son has some blockage in his kidney and has two ureters on that side instead of the usual one. Apparently this is a very common birth defect and sometimes goes away on its own. If it doesn't, it is usually corrected by surgery when the baby is about one year old. I had a hard time with this this week, I think mainly because I don't know exactly what to expect or what will happen. It seems like this isn't a life-threatening problem, so I am grateful that if he has to have a problem, it is this one that is usually not a big deal. However, I am kind of stressed about how things will turn out, so if you want to keep Baby Cal in your prayers I'm sure it will help. :)

:: I am officially an RN! It feels great to be able to say "I'm a nurse." Now I just need a job.
:: The Giants are winning the World Series! They need to win one more game to win the series. Right now they are behind one run, so it might be a couple of games before they win, but we are feeling pretty hopeful and confident that it will go well. The Giants won the World Series for the first time in many years the year we got married, so it seems fitting that they are probably going to win the year our first baby is born.
:: We are still loving LA and the friends we are making here!

:: Last weekend, Scott took me on a romantic date to see the sunset on the ocean and eat at a delicious Italian restaurant called Pomodoro (highly recommended, but make sure you make a reservation, because it is a very small restaurant). 

Beautiful sunset

Handsome bearded boy. :) 

:: This weekend we went to a Harry Potter party as Tonks and Lupin (Tonks was the only Harry Potter character I could think of that was pregnant in any of the books)

:: According to ultrasound, this baby is going to weigh over nine pounds. It's looking like that is a correct assessment. We're full term now so he could come at any time!

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