Sunday, October 7, 2012

The apartment.

We are loving living in our new apartment in Los Angeles. It is a serious upgrade from our little apartment in Wymount (and we are paying for it...) with two bedrooms, a dishwasher, and air conditioning (my personal favorite in my huge, pregnant state). It is in a nice neighborhood and within walking distance of several grocery stores (and a Rite Aid... for Thrifty's... and a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf... and the library... basically all we need!). We have really been enjoying getting to know this area and making friends with the people that live in University Village.

Our bedroom, dominated by my huge body pillow.

And the dresser. 

And the wall of Paris pictures. :) 

The baby's room... not quite finished, but getting there! We both love going inside and just looking at it. 

Wall decals. Scott loved putting these up. :) 

Baby's bookshelf... the lighting is horrible, but I was too lazy t o wait and redo it. 

Our front room. It's nice to finally have a big couch. :) 

TV land plus my To-Be-Read bookshelf.

THE LIBRARY! I love that we have on in our little house, even though right now it is tiny.

Dining area... again, horrible lighting but I am too lazy to do anything about it. We love our bay window.

Kitchen... much bigger than our last place and with a dishwasher, HOORAY!

This ugly blank wall (with some boxes of things to donate... awkward...) is going to be a huge collage of picture frames and photos once I actually get around to putting it together.

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