Monday, June 24, 2013

Mama Monday: Things That Have Changed Now that I'm a Mama.

:: Sleep is a rare and valuable commodity. 
:: I set goals for each of the baby's naps.
:: I've learned that I can't control everything. Flexibility has always been a challenge for this over-scheduled list-maker, but I've learned that Cal can override at will.
:: Mascara and lipstick are the only required cosmetics. Foundation and eyeshadow appear once or twice a month.
:: When I go shopping, I buy cute clothes for Cal and yoga pants for myself.
:: I have become an expert on babies' sleep cycles and can cite any number of experts' opinions.
:: I no longer gag at the sight of baby food.
:: In fact, sometimes I eat it. (Best ones are the apple/blueberry one and the pears/cinnamon/oatmeal one.)
:: I spend large segments of my day trying to convince Cal to giggle (and making a complete fool of myself in the process)
:: Our home is filled with bizarre colorful toys and gadgets, some of them useful and some of them not.
:: I know just about every cause of low milk production.
:: I have to run the dishwasher more than once a day because our top rack is always full of bottles.
:: I never use an alarm clock.
:: I spend more money on formula than groceries
:: Most of my conversations are a mixture of high-pitched questions, Baby Sign, and imitating Cal's babble noises. 
:: I was more excited to see Cal's first tooth than I was to be asked to my prom
:: Shirts that require layers to make them modest are too much work
:: I walk around the house narrating my day
:: Getting kisses solves every problem
:: Peekaboo takes up most of the day
:: The three hours between his bedtime and my bedtime are sacred
:: Playground time is adult interaction time
:: I sleep less
:: I pray more
:: I love more. :)

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