Saturday, January 17, 2015

{inspiration} 1.17.15

This week's theme is inadvertently parties! Which may be a problem, considering one of my goals this year is to throw fewer parties (I love planning them, but it stresses me out). But you can't have too many parties, right? Right?

:: I kind of want to have a birthday party like this some day. Would you be game to come?

:: A good reminder for those of us who are overly sensitive (aka, me).

:: I like this wise lady's stance on the "supermom" epidemic.

:: And this wise lady has a perfect answer for when perfectionism rears its perfectly styled head.

:: A goal to host 52 dinner parties. My party planning little heart would love to do this some day when life is less busy. Hahahahaha right.

:: How to be original.

:: 21 excellent and practical pieces of parenting advice.

:: Have you ever done Barre3 workouts? I just signed up for a year.

:: Dax Shepherd's shock at the grisliness of Kristin Bell's C-section.

:: To finish it off -- yet another party I want to throw. Ladies, when should we do this?

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