Saturday, January 3, 2015

{Inspiration} 1.3.15

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Remember my monthly Inspiration posts? I last did one in September. They got to be a lot of work. I would save all the blog posts and articles I found throughout the month, and then put them together in a big list of links. I found the idea through one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo -- she does these great "Have a great weekend" posts where she compiles her own lists of things she's noticed on the web through the week. I look forward to these posts every week, and when she doesn't do one (like this week *sniffle*) I miss it. I still find myself bookmarking random articles, so I've decided to attempt making inspiration posts again. However, I think I am going to go with weekly when I can. So look for them some time Saturdays. We'll see if I'm capable of being consistent. Also, I have a huge backlog of saved up articles that were posted a while ago but that are still good/worth visiting, so I'll probably be posting some of those through the weeks.

:: Why mother-writers write.

:: Get rid of "stupid guilt" -- the guilt that doesn't inspire you to be better and instead weighs you down.

:: Interesting thoughts on whether we should focus on our passions or on what would make a good career.

:: Gorgeous thoughts on motherhood as the ultimate calling.

:: A story about saying yes and living life fully.

:: Best yoga poses for reading. You're welcome.

:: 52 writerly things that writers should do in 2015.

:: How our different choices as women make us... wait for it... different from each other (not better than each other)

:: Why it doesn't matter how you feel about your friends.

:: A birth story. (One I almost could have written myself).

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  1. LOVE when you do these posts. You always find such good links, and it inspires me to start a post like this of my own. I think I will start as well. New year, new times, ya? Thanks for always inspiring me. I really like when you write.


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